• Jeandré
    From the 2 shorts already released, what would you guys choose to be made into a full length movie? I choose Rakka
    1. Feature film...? (69 votes)
  • Ironclad Industries
    I think both are awesome but I gotta say that firebase really left us hanging, so I vote firebase
  • hgwells allthe way from1899
    Its actually a tough decision with Firebase still boggling my brain but...all things considered...RAKKA ftw
  • Markarian
    I think that Firebase has a stronger base for story considering the ending, and I personally felt the worldbuilding was better achieved in Firebase instead of Rakka
  • Eric
    It depends on what kind of movie it will be. I like the idea of soldiers dying then becoming part of a zombie army led by the river monster. But it's got to have a lot of crazy action scenes. I feel like Rakka could give us more Independence Day style awesomeness that an alien invasion would entail.

    Personally I'd probably go for Rakka. I'd love to see the initial alien invasion and how the world tried to combat them using military technology. Then after the fall I'd like to see the resistance fighters trying to take them down. You have the humans win the war, and at the end of the movie the humans are trying to figure out how the alien technology works and there's a cliffhanger showing them flying into space. In the sequel, a large force of humans have to invade the monsters planet and attack their main citadel to kill the lizard king, destroying them so that their attacks on Earth cease. Freeing Earth was only a minor setback for the aliens. The humans know they will be back but they are going to strike first!
  • Darth Biomech
    Rakka is an alien invasion film, and those were overdone. I don't think that anything truly unique can be said by such a story In the end this will be either a happy ending - humanity survives, aliens defeated, or pessimistic ending - humans die off.

    Vietnam soldier with gift of redacting the reality, battling the guy who was so struck by grief than he become hell knows what - NOW THAT I WANT TO SEE.
  • Eric
    @Darth good points but alien invasions never get old. Especially if you add awesome creatures and action. :)

    One thing I really liked in Firebase though was as you pointed out, it has some weird time distortions. Loved the guy getting toasted at the base and then being transported back. That kind of stuff could be really crazy.
  • Neill Blomkamp
    interesting - this is the exact question the volumes are meant to ask - i just wish we could put out ALL the ideas, in all the volumes, gonna take alot of thinking, and $$$ and time to do that
  • Steve
    I'm having a really hard time deciding. Both would be incredible.

    Rakka seemed to be more flexible. The world is an open sand box full of ideas. Humans surviving experimentation and returning with special abilities, alien invasion, alien technology, mind control, 2 alien species, etc. provide a lot to play with. This one has potential for epic scenes.

    Firebase was also awesome. It felt very different from any of Blomkamps other works and it has more of a horror flavor to it as well which I also liked. And as someone above already mentioned, it feels more unique. This one I feel would play best as a claustrophobic thriller with a cult vibe.

    If I had to choose, I'd say Firebase. But you can't go wrong with either.
  • Creactivity
    For a feature film? Are both very good but I vote for Rakka, Firebase is absolutely awesome and amazing but i feel that Rakka give more develop in the story
  • Sacredsilence
    Both have potential for miniseries.
    Just a featurefilm would be a waste.

    But is only one could be made into series and other movie, Firebase would be my featuremovie choice. As long as Rakka would get at least ten 90min runs in a shortseries.

    As for Firebase, I see much more ponential if it didnt go over the top that fast in the last 10 minutes. Suspense went to action much to fast in my opinion.
    But if it has to be hammered into a single movie, at least 2hr long I'd say.

    On the other side, broaden the funding options? Say you have multiple options/target groups:

    - 1 group of people willing to pay via subscription option for a miniseries.
    They pay 9,95 per month funding for the storyline that goes A in timeline B with on demand options C
    - 1 group of people who would be willing to pay 29,95 upfront each for development into a feature movie, but is has to be online within 4 to 6 months
    - both above have additional funding options in kickstarter pledge format or some sort
    People willing to pay large sums of money for special stuff get their share
    - if you get Oats Studios to become synonym to an on demand indy subscription format in which they can contribute and finetune / tweak their own choices of funding + content delivery

    But the big question in my opinion should be: what is the main goal:
    - Is it to make large sums of money and find a new format / platform:
    - Is it to cut out the list below and return power to the moviemakers?
    (Would be my personal choice):
    20th Century Fox
    Columbia Pictures
    United Artists
    Orion Pictures
    Paramount Pictures
    Universal Studios
    Walt Disney Pictures
    Warner Bros.
    New Line Cinema

    - Is it to empower the targetaudience and enable them to influence the content and format of the dish being served?
    - Is it all of the above and or more?

    Thinking of all this I am wondering why the fuck I am still doing this stupid repetitive IT dayjob and not being hooked up on indy stuff like this...

    Oh well keep dreaming right?
  • Sacredsilence

    Enable us to fund you guys into setting up multiple formats.

    You don't even have to pledge or whatever. Just enable different types of funding options.
    Just the fact bypassing the big movie companies alone would be worth 5 dollars a month. And I mean seriously, subscribing to an ideal not purchasing content or promises or whatever.

    Set in place some unconditional funding options. I'd eagerly pay 50 dollars upfront that are potentially lost, just to buy into an ideal / purpose / whatever you want to call it.

    Anyways don't listen to me, i'm just weird...
  • Hayley
    For now, I'm saying Rakka. First of all, I want to see Ripley fight more monsters. Also, you can't go wrong with a good resistance story. Star Wars, V for Vendetta... people are drawn to rebellion, it seems. (At least, I am, and I'd pay good money to see Ripley's resistance, and with Amir and his gifts aiding them... exciting!) Also, it seems like Rakka could be more open, and would generate some amazing fight scenes, with both the humans and their weapons (I really wanna know more about Nosh the pyro) and also with the aliens - it seems to me like they're capable of a lot.

    I wouldn't be averse to making Firebase into a feature film, either - I just know that sometimes it can be hard for a general audience to understand time distortion/leaps through time. Then again, that can generate some great discussion outside the theater (I've had great discussions with my friends about movies like 'Interstellar' and 'Watchmen,' (the Dr. Manhattan parts), both of which deal with a nonlinear timeline at parts. I guess I'd like to see them all made into movies, but maybe Rakka first, since it seems a little more 'typical.' Get the audience interested in something familiar-ish, then blow their minds with Firebase.
  • Jpiers
    I really liked the setup to firebase. It had a clear protagonist and I was ready to go on that ride. it also posed a lot of questions that could be answered later on (russian spacecraft?).The short film seemed like it was only the beginning and would be great in a series format. Maybe this wasn't the whole story just a setup, just the origin story of how he came in contact with the suit; which inevitably fails, and adversely starts putting him through many parallel Universe's. Thinking some black mirror type of shit.... Blomified. although I didn't really see any faults in the main character which should be explored later on.

    Oh, but the "we have built you a conservatory!" scene in Rakka was some totally epic shit. So well done! This is Neil doing what he does best. Grounded high intensity VFX sequences, but of course not limited too;) I thought the bomb girl in the beginning was going to be the main character she just has "the look" and the way the 1st sequence was setup it seemed we were being taken in that direction. Then "pop", "Nope" twist. I'm digging the idea of a strong female lead if that is the intention if it were a feature.

    They are both Fantastic ideas. I'm still waiting to see what's next. Kudos to the Oats team you guys are fucking bad-asses.
  • Bryan
    Rakka is the winner I think honestly firebase was good too it just could've had a better way homeboy (river monster) got his powers besides grief like they could've used grief along with a chemical testing explosion or something that hit the village and he be the only one alive and turn
  • Bryan
    It just bugs me he gets distressed and gets power like hoe I get mad too lol that's why I say he needs to turn into the monster a better way
  • Kruger
    Firebase was so refreshingly new and left me wanting more. I absolutely loved Rakka, but Firebase just left me so intrigued.
  • Valerio Liberatore
    Love them both, can't actually pick one.
    I voted Rakka just because I love the atmosphere and the alien invasion stories! Big fan of District 9.
    Firebase its more unique. Its basically a fresh idea, so in terms of experimental movie realization I would probably go with this one and see what happens. Lovely!

    Good job Oats Studio you are making a change!
  • Rickard Antroia

    I agree on this, that the format for some of these ideas could well be a miniseries.
    Maybe that wouldn't bring the boxoffice money (unless you do a long cut as a "few parts"miniseries along with a boxoffice release cut), but miniseries have the power to really dig deep into a world, or character dynamic.

    It would be interesting to see what could be achieved with a Neil-based Netflix original series for instance (a wide international spread).
  • Vincent Kane
    Honestly, it really is a tough decision. Rakka has a foreseeable future. You know with Alien movies, there are only so many archs the story can take, but with Firebase, there is so much mystery, so much unexplained, it leaves huge array of possibilities for the story. For me, looking at the extreme, phenomenal potential of these two, a more action-packed developed Firebase would be greatly appreciated.
    And where is Neil getting all the money to produce these Shorts, because those effects gotta be expensive.
    So yeah, FIREBASE all the way.
  • Jeandré
    I just finished watching Firebase on a larger screen, as the first time I watched it on my phone.
    I have to change my vote from Rakka to Firebase, BUT Rakka wins for the best sound...
  • Mark Hodges
    I liked both a lot. I definitely would like to see both made into a movie.
    But if I have to pick one I picked Firebase, definitely left me wanting more.
  • beanz8919
    I was a huge fan of both but had to vote for Rakka, it had everything that I love in these types of films and definitely left me wanting more.

    I am curious about what would happen with Oats should they opt to turn one of these projects into a feature. The cool thing about Oats for me is their ability to try out new ideas and styles and I wonder if all of their attention was to switch into working on a feature whether it would lose some of what makes them so special in the first place.
  • Simon Payne
    I'd have to say Firebase.

    Rakka had some cool shit going on with the invasion, slavery of mankind etc and the slow fight back with the help of other worldly beings


    Firebase tapped into a lot more stuff buried at the back of my brain. It felt like a mash up of Platoon and Predator but not in a cliche way but in a fresh approach.

    I found the concept of a character so driven by grief that he succumbs to dark forces and then tears up literally everything really fascinating. The idea of him then turning to a 'side' and being weaponised is ripe for emotional drama and further development.

    Add to this, I enjoyed the 'linearity' of the story. Maybe I'm a dullard but it set the scene, established some characters, tapped into an army, 'nam nostalgia, piqued the mind with conspiracy fuelled CIA shenanigans and offered some great action with the hint and feeling that more could easily be provided. There was great depth in the existence of one bad mutha 'the river god' but the possibility of delving deeper with the altering of reality (i.e. the russian invasion dreams) and/or the zombiefication of dead US soldiers was tantalising.

    I liked that it was set in the past in an era that my brain could grasp and doing so allowed my mind to race off in quickly imagined scenarios. I'd love to see more not because I was left on a cliffhanger but because I was intrigued by the scenarios and motivations that the creators showed me.

    Ultimately it felt like Rakka was trying harder (maybe too hard), whilst Firebase had a slightly more confident, relaxed air to it. By that I meant that Rakka felt like it was trying to rush out quickly it's coolness and say 'isn't this neat, what about this?' whereas Firebase felt more comfortable at the speed it was going and the stuff it was revealing.
  • skyward
    Similar to others have said, Rakka felt like it had enough world building behind it to be familiar enough to cinema goers, but then do something fresh and subversive.

    Who isn't excited by the elevator pitch 'Fucked up, dark, R-rated Independence Day'?

    After finally coming back from a week in deepest, darkest Cornwall with no internet, Firebase's release came as a pleasant surprise. Really dug the weird Hideo Kojima-esque premise, and definitely wanted to see more of the River God. Dunno what it was, but didn't feel as cohesive to me - maybe too much exposition/explanation about the River God? Think it would have worked if it was a bit shorter, less exposition and we didn't find out about his origins until the next chapter maybe...

    As someone else noted it had a great Predator-vibe to it - but I think that movie works because it becomes a tense one-on-one survival job, where as Firebase had a cast of dozens and lots of dialogue etc. To recap - I totally dug the concept and the River God character, but not sure how it'd best translate to a feature...
  • Giuseppe Mercadante
    Interesting, I found Rakka to be more interesting than Firebase, probably more of a personal choice as I like the futuristic aspect better but they have both proven to be quite a success on YouTube based on views.
  • Steve
    Agreed, the way he became River God was a little hokey to me too. Loved everything else about it though and after watching both again I'd say I'm still leaning towards Firebase.
  • zeer0h
    Thanks for the poll!

    +1 for the Kojima influence, maybe they will work together some day...
  • Jeandré
    No problem bud, but i think Zygote will also be a very good contender.
  • zeer0h
    Oh absolutely, it's a regular Blomkamp buffet over here. Will you be able to edit that in when it releases or will you have to create a new post?
  • Adam
    I really want to see who the "saviors of mankind" are in Rakka. The being that materialized before part two.
  • Tuan Ngo
    I just have to register an account just only for vote: Fire base. New story line, I have to tell that alien type though alot many films can do better.
  • Andrew Koenig
    Both were awesome but Rakka had an unbeatable mix of concepts to me. The Klum were just too cool. All three were great but my ranking personally is

    1- Rakka
    2- Zygote
    3- Firebase
  • ArjayHaitch
    I didn't vote for either. My vote would be for River God Meets The Klum. Spoiler
    The Klum don't like fire.
  • xidar
    I would see all 3, in following order

    1.) Firebase
    2:) Rakka
    3.) Zygote
  • DarkRonius
    I think I agree with you. But then I loved all three, for different reasons. It's really hard for me to pick a definite favourite
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