• steven blomkamp
    Let's all get to know each other! It'll be easier for all if you stick to the format below.

    Name: Steven
    Occupation: Video game artist
    Social Media: Twitter
    A bit about me: Originally South African, I moved to Canada 7 years ago to pursue a career in video game development. Ever since Neill told be about his Oats concept, I've been enamored with the idea that we can do something truly new and interactive. I'm here to push the gaming agenda as much as possible and help out where I can.
  • Kyle

    Name: Kyle
    Occupation: Director
    A bit about me: Raised in the Pacific Northwest where I grew up making short films with my friends on Hi8. Love epic narrative-driven games. Ended up in LA to attend the AFI Conservatory. Been working directing since then. Love the idea of Oats! Hoping to be involved in any capacity. :)
  • Stefan
    Name: Stefan
    Occupation: Movie Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Actor, Filmcrew member (from time to time) & Marketing Agency Owner
    On my desk: Weta District 9 1:6 Scale Exosuit
    A bit about me: Born and raised in Germany I started a music magazine back in 2007 interviewed all the big talents and sooner or later got to know the movie industry in L.A. After getting a Bachelor and Master degree in Media Sciences I finally started my own movie magazine and by now interviewed from Triple xXx, Rogue One over Star Trek many big talents - a dream came true. I love movies more than anything, our offices are full with Sideshow and Weta Collectibles.

    No movies have me fascinated more than those of Neill Blomkamp. District 9 is my all time favorite movie and I am glad to have been able to talk to Greg Broadmore about the incredible weapons designs.

    Oats Studios is the next evolution of the movie industry and if you allow I will support Oats Studios with my movie magazine period!
  • willie606
    name william

    A bit about me born in se florida, fan of media visionaries like nolan, Denis Villeneuve, Doug Liman etc

    from the first teaser i was interested. looked like things i haven't seen in awhile

    but i just hope if a movie comes from one of these projects it's better than your last two
  • cryotank

    Name: Jean

    Occupation: Cinematographer, Digital Media Content Specialist, Senior IT Specialist

    A bit about me: I always thought in following a career in the creative industry. I studied Digital Cinema, Cinematography and Digital Design in São Paulo, Brazil.

    I'm interested in many aspects of movie production: cinematography, visual concept, treatment, technology, sound design and world creation. Also IT process automation, infrastructure administration
    and productivity tools.

    I like many aspects of Neill Blomkamp movie in the Cinematic, technological, phylosophical and political sense.

    Something I expected someday was that Neill Blomkamp would do something with the community but never knew when.

    This is an great moment to meet great people, with great ideas to build something revolutionary !
  • Jake
    Name: Jake
    Occupation: QA Analyst
    A bit about me: I love being part of communities that share a mutual love and respect, so I look forward to this community growing and everyone sharing the passion they have for creativity. I currently work in QA, testing point of sale software, but I enjoy game development and film/photography. I just recently got a new camera and am working to shoot regularly and learn more and more.
  • Markarian
    Hello everyone! Awesome to be here!

    Name: Drew Sumner, alias Markarian
    Occupation: Visual Effects student at Purdue University, freelance video production and 3D rendering
    A bit about me: I'm a giant nerd when it comes to the VFX behind films and I'm constantly striving to get better at creating awe-inspiring visual effects. I use SideFX Houdini, Cinema4D, Octane, Substance, and Quixel. Open to collaborations using the asset packs on the films!
  • Steve
    Name: Steve
    Occupation: Medical Student
    A bit about me: I have always wanted to write/direct movies, however, I realized pretty early on I wasn't creative or talented enough and decided to follow my other passion (medicine). But that doesn't stop me from daydreaming about stories I'd like to tell and I still try to develop my own ideas and expand upon other's ideas. I'm very envious of those working at Oats Studios and I hope Oats Studios is able to accomplish it's goal.
  • LARRY BOyle
    Name : Larry
    Occupation: Disability Retirement from Federal Government.
    A Bit about Me: I have been a film fanatic for as far as I can remember .Received an AS in Photography and Cinematography from NYI of Photography at 16.Made lots of short films and helped establish a media technology program at my High School. I was offered a grant for a short film from AFI but had to turn it down because I had enlisted as an Atomic Demolition Munition Specialist/Combat Engineer to be stationed in Germany.I Also learned explosives ordinance because I was interested in learning a very technical occupation and was always interested in Nuclear Technology in films. Learned everything I could. Made Sgt in two years but didn't re-enlist because I didn't want to be a Drill Instructor. Received a NATO Top Secret Clearance and worked with Military Intelligence in Europe taking photographs of war games. Spent a lot of time in a chopper. Took new Photography, Cinematography, Video photography, Graphic arts, Home construction and two years in Automotive Technology and received a certificate of honors from Univ. of Tokyo/Manga Univ so I was able to establish a well rounded education in all technical aspects that may be involved in film making, i'm currently working on several Japanese style short anime films. I also hold an EMT-A license.
  • salthegeek
    Name: Sal
    Occupation: Freelance Filmmaker
    A bit about me: Studied to be film editor/post production but fell in love with being on set. Working towards being an AD eventually, currently getting mostly PA gigs. Realistic Sci-Fi is one of my favorite genres, so are short films.
  • Kina
    Name: Kina

    Occupation: Freelance Concept Artist/ Visual Development

    A bit about me: Hello everyone! :) I am excited to see what Oats Studios has in store! I have a background in both the video game and entertainment industry as a whole. I worked multiple jobs in the field with the majority surrounding localization and writing in video games. As much as I enjoy the game industry, my original passion was concept works/storyboards for TV and films. I decided to switch gears and now I'm working freelance on a few projects while heading towards my goal. Neill Blomkamp is one of my favorite Directors, along with others like Denis Villeneuve, Hayao Miyazaki, and Guillermo Del Toro. I'm really eager to see future shorts from Oats Studios, the content and visual style has been absolutely perfect to me.
  • steven blomkamp
    I absolutely love the range of backgrounds here. Thank you for becoming part of this new community!
  • Darin Eaton II
    Name: Darin

    Occupation: TV Editor/Motion Graphics Artist (Day job) Film Writer/Director and Music Composer (Passion Projects/Freelance)

    A bit about me: Hi everybody! I'm currently work as a lead editor and motion graphics artist for a television show with The Hollywood Reporter. I also edit a bit of their web video content. I have a BA in Writing/Directing for Film, Theatre, and Television, and I also studied Chinese Language and History. I've been working in the film/tv industry since I was 16. I'm at the beginning stages of starting my own production studio with a close friend. We want to tell grounded, fantastical, original stories through the mediums of film, gaming, animation, and comics. Pretty ambitious but we are passionate about it and dedicate ourselves to learning as much as we can.

    Oats Studios is really exciting to me. The stories being told seem like the exact kind of stories I want to tell and it's so refreshing seeing others taking stock in this kind of storytelling. District 9 will forever be in my top ten of favorite films of all time. Neill's work constantly reminds me that great science fiction is always an allegory or examination of the current human condition, which poses possible solutions to current issues. Can't wait to see what is next, and to interact and be apart of this new movement in storytelling.
  • Willem Grobler
    NAME: Willem Grobler

    Occupation: Writer/Director/Producer

    About me: Born and bred in Pretoria, South Africa - sister city to Johannesburg - I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker from a young age. Went to film school, the whole thing, but in the early 2000s we had no industry to speak up. Fast forward a few years, and Gavin Hood would win an Oscar for TSOTSI and go on to establish himself as a Hollywood director. A few years later - at the time I was working for Sharlto Copley's company in Cape Town before he hit the big time - Neill Blomkamp exploded onto the scene with HALO rumours, those awesome HALO spots for HALO 3 on the Xbox 360 and we were all waiting for the movie. That fell apart, and D-9 happened. The rest is history and now we're here.

    Zooming in a bit on my history working at Sharlto's company, I actually met him years earlier while he was doing his first feature that was ultimately shelved. When I met him, I was like "here are the guys doing what I want to do!" At the time, South Africa was only pushing out high brow dramas, and most of the time not good ones. After the HALO rumours, I reached out to Sharlto as I was doing a paper on South African cinema for my studies, and I thought Neill was a breath of fresh air at the time, with his ALIVE IN JOBURG short, and after the collapse of HALO with the upcoming D-9. Sharlto gave me Neill's email and we had a bit of an exchange. It was kind of an exciting time as I had - prior to learning about D-9 - written a sort of fan fiction treatment based on ALIVE in the hopes that I could get this to Neill in the hopes that he would one day make this film in South Africa. Well, D-9 was in development, and Neill didn't want to read my treatment as he didn't want another South African's ideas influencing his own, but he was keen to keep a conversation alive. I opted to only mail him again after D-9's release a year later that email address no longer worked; was I bummed out! I may just now share that fan-fic on here in the hopes that someone out there will enjoy it. :)

    So, I feel strangely - and deeply - connected to what is happening here, and very excited, since many friends and colleagues have worked in a variety of capacities on ALIVE IN JOBURG, the original HALO spots, D-9, CHAPPIE, and recently the Oats shorts that were shot here. As such I hope to engage in conversation with likeminded folk, especially in the hopes that Oats has ambitions to unearth up-and-coming talent from South Africa and continue pushing out SA-themed content in the vein of D-9 and CHAPPIE.
  • Jeandré
    Name: Jeandré.

    Sup guys, just a movie fan following the work of good film directors. especially South African born directors in Hollywood. Waiting impatiently for District 9 3/4 or District 10, whatever the name will be..
  • Glauber Barreto
    Name: Glauber
    Occupation: Game Sound Designer and Music Producer.
    A bit about me: Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, living in São Paulo. I love Sci-Fi specially Cyberpunk. What I love about Neil's work is the eye for the details on sound fx. I'm also a huge fan of Dave Whitehead (who made the aliens voices for District 9 and also Arrival).
  • Mark Joseph
    Hi all, glad to know you!

    Name Mark Joseph

    Occupation Actor

    A bit about me I live and work in London (right near the Beatles Abbey Road crosswalk for some context). I love working on sci-fi, horror, action movies, as well as producing my own comedy content on YouTube, doing movie parodies called Reeltrospectives. I used to teach Shotokan Karate, an now study Shaolin Kung-Fu, speak Japanese, and specialise in accents and improvisation. I also have law enforcement experience and training.

    I've been a huge supporter of Neil's work from the first watching of "Alive In Joburg" and have followed his career ever since. He is such a visionary, and creates worlds like no-one else. I may be half way around the world, but would get on a plane in an instant to be a part of one of Oat's projects.

    It would be a dream to collaborate with you all!
  • beanz8919
    Hello All,

    Name: Chris

    Occupation: Animator/Mocap Editor

    A bit about me: Hi everybody, I am an animator at Sports Interactive in London, working on the Football Manager series. I have a BA in 3D Animation, which covered the entire pipeline of 3D, from Modelling, dynamics and texturing to rigging and Animation, even a bit of live action camera work and storyboarding.

    As a huge fan of Neil's work and sci-fi/action films in general I had to sign up. I'm hoping to be able to connect with more people interested in vfx and games and looking forward to seeing the behind the scenes stuff that will be put up.

    I think what you're doing with Oats Studios is fantastic and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it grows and progresses in the future.
  • Mark Joseph
    Hi Chris! If you ever need performers for game/animation work, give me a shout!
  • beanz8919
    Hi Mark, we currently only use people internally at the studio as we are mainly capturing football moves, with very little acting scenarios. If this changes in the future, then I'll definitely keep you in mind.
  • Bwgan
    Hi all

    Name : Ben
    Occupation: Artist/ developer
    A Bit about Me: I'm a freelancer from the UK, mainly working on VR and mobile gigs. I'm head over heels in love with Virtual Reality and interactive storytelling, and spend most of my time playing with Maya/ Zbrush/ Unity & my Vive.

    Very excited by Oats Studio & the possibility of modding/ remixing content as it's released!
  • Darth Biomech
    Name: Demin Egor
    Occupation: Freelance 3D artist
    A bit about me: I live and work in Moscow, currently freelancing, but before I worked a bit in a studio tasked with creation of VFX for local films and TV. I always been fascinated in films and sci-fi genre, and long wanted to become a director. But, there isn't really a very friendly environment for indie filmmaking in Russia, especialy for such cost- and talent-heavy genre as sci-fi, so instead I become invested in 3d graphics. I since still hold a dream to make my own short films, even been worldbuilding in advance, which morphed into a webcomic series.

    Neil's films catched my eye for both having really unique, gritty and VERY convincing VFX, and District 9 offered a very unexpected turn to the whole "aliens came to Earth" scenario. Everyone in Youtube comments saying that it is a shame that Neil will not be directing Alien5 in any future. But I personally immediately thought that Neil's visual style would be a perfect fit in in other classic franchise that recently been revived. Blomkamp directing one of Star Wars episodes. This needs to happen.
  • Antonio
    Name: Antonio

    Occupation: Digital Advertising Producer / Writer

    A bit about me: Professionally I run the in-house production studio for Ad Creation on Business Insider, Insider and Tech Insider. Before you boo me... we don't build intrusive banners, but content-driven ad experiences (AR/VR, Digital Billboards etc.)

    The rest of my life is split into four loves: my family, star wars, video games and writing.

    Personally love democratic creative hubs like this and look forward to the conversations and exchanges we will all hopefully have.

    PS - Rakka was great!
  • Mark Joseph
    Not to worry! A huge gamer, so had to ask :) Dream would be to do a Mass Effect game, or something similar. Did you follow E3?
  • beanz8919
    Yeah of course, always worth asking. Yeah I followed it pretty closely, there were certainly some games that caught my attention. Particularly Anthem, which looks like it's going to be great.
  • Mark Joseph
    Anthem was my game of the event by a mile. Looks fantastic.
  • Cheekorobbins
    Name: Jason
    Occupation: CG Generalist / Studio Director
    A bit about me: I live in Cornwall UK, have worked as an artist and creative director in advertising with all the major agencies and for kids TV creating content for Disney and the BBC. Currently I run a studio with my business partner which is called Engine House VFX, there are just 3 fulltime employees but a whole batch of freelancers we use all over the world to complete ever larger projects.

    The mission statement for Oats really speaks to our own business methods, we have a short currently on Artella which we'd like to develop into a feature so we can spend more time creating work we love, so we'd like to be able to contribute to the work on here if help is needed and supporting the creation of new channels for our industry.
  • Andy Lefton
    Name: Andy Lefton

    Occupation: Senior 3D/VFX Generalist, illustrator and Film maker.
    Website: www.andylefton.com
    Award winning short film: www.twoworldsfilm.com

    Hi Everyone! I'm currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota where I work as a lead 3D and VFX artist. I'm always looking for the next challenge and currently working on my next animated short film and also finishing up my first live-action VFX short film script.

    I'm very interested in what Oats is doing as it speaks volumes to me. I hope to meet up with like minded folks here and even share some of my ideas and network.

    I also play in a couple bands and tour when time permits (off to Europe soon!). One of the projects I play in received the "3rd best metal album of 2015" in Rolling Stone. Definitely leaps and bounds from playing basements :)

    I look forward to chatting with everyone. Cheers!Two_Worlds_Snibb_LOID_web_zps5iwj5ouh.jpg
  • Jared
    Name: Jared
    Occupation: Environmental designer (ecology) Drone operator
    On my desk: Germinating apple trees from seed,
    A bit about me: I am addicted to the concept of efficiency. In 2016 I took $1,000 to Mexico with what gear I could carry and turned a tiny home in the barren urban desert into an oasis that supports over 50 species of insects, produces our own potable water, acts as a water treatment plant for the neighbourhood by utilizing the stormwaters from the street, produces food on the roof and ground to benefit from every meter of sunlight, creates no wastewater, water pollution, or erosion. All grey water is reused into food production.

    I remember watching District Nine and thinkingI wish I was there. I would make this place a self sufficient paradise, and while the world watched on camera, they would then learn how you can turn desolation into something beautiful with a shovel and the strategic placement of organic waste.

    The majority of media I see about the future is dystopia
    I want to create a educational series about how to fix the world, by fixing examples of each broken part of the world for others to replicate. Creating an instruction manual towards utopia.

    If you have any questions about how to fix any environmental problem, Please do not hesitate to ask.
  • AnthC
    Name: Anthony Canchola

    Occupation: Sound Designer/Editor
    Reel: https://vimeo.com/a7canchola

    A bit about myself: I am a Freelance Sound Designer/Editor based out of Chicago, IL.
    I enjoy telling stories through sound. I have always followed the idea that a good story can be listened to. I feel that good sound and music can bring anything to life, or the lack of. Knowing when to add or subtract a certain sound can bring any one moment to center stage.

    Apart from sound design, I cross the line into the realm of music and soundscapes as well. In this day and age, that line is either blurred or very thin. I enjoy creating any ambiances, music or sound that can help a story along or bring an idea to life. From nature to scifi and everything in between, sound is the driving factor.

    I am very interested in what Oats is doing by bringing creative / like minded individuals together. To share and create as well as network to bring ideas to life.
  • Carlos J Ramirez
    Name: Carlos J. Ramirez
    Occupation: Depends on the time of day lol. I'm currently a banker. My passion is being a Director/Cinematographer
    Films: https://www.youtube.com/user/Five3Film

    A bit about myself: I grew up in Queens, NY my whole life. Didn't really get to go to film school (I'm Broke), I just picked up the camera and pen and started shooting and writing. Filmmaking has become a hobby and one day I hope to transition that to a career.

    I love what Oats is doing and it really gives us small people a chance to be a part of this community. Excited to see what the future holds. Cheers to you all.
  • Dar Shamsi
    Name: Dar Shamsi
    Occupation: Sales Executive and Research Analyst at a Tech Startup in A.I./Machine Learning within Digital Media
    A bit about me: Graduated from Rutgers University in 2015. Huge into Sci-Fi, Horror, and gaming. I've been learning and messing about with game design and character design in my spare time. I'm based in NYC and also produce music and dj Vinyl in my spare time. My friends and I have always been interested in film production, editing, and visual effects. We used to create short films when we were in high school but student loan debt has made us pick up day jobs that aren't necessarily our dream jobs.

    Would love to get involved with Oats; curious as to whether you guys are hiring? I'm a jack of all trades, master of some!
  • fuzzymango
    Name: Isaac Spiegel
    Occupation: VFX Compositing student at Purdue University
    A bit about me: Hi all! I'm a student studying all things VFX with an emphasis on compositing for feature films, television, commercials, or video game trailers. I'm interested in comping live action with CG assets with multi-pass renders, camera moves, and the 2D/3D pipeline. I use Nuke for all my work and I'm always looking for other creatives to collaborate with to create new content. I look forward to meeting more of the Oats team as well as the community!

    Take a look at my work here: isaacspiegel.com
  • David doyle
    Name: David Doyle
    Occupation: Customer Service Agent (Full-Time) and Photographer & Video Producer
    About me: For years I was working in the hospitality industry attempting to discover myself, eventually ended up studying in film school in the heart of Dublin for 2 years before your being made redundant from my full-time position, finished film school and ended up pretty much just doing my own thing as a 1 man band producing video for corporate clients.

    Able to provide aerial footage and stills of Dublin city if so needed.
    Did I mention I love sci-fi

  • Grant
    Name: Grant
    Occupation: Director/Photographer
    A bit about me: South African filmmaker of sorts. Been away from the craft for a while but diving back in.

    I love the whole workflow and audience feedback approach that OATS is taking here, anything that can cut through that layer of bureaucracy that plagues so many creative fields is win for me.
  • EntityONE
    Hey guys,

    Name: Vince
    Occupation: Production/Editorial at Top Cow Productions
    A bit about me: Live in Los Angeles. I work in the comics industry and I try to do a bit of everything artistically.
  • Michael Pedro
    Name: Michael Pedro

    Occupation: Concept Designer / Art Director

    Website: http://www.michaelpedro.com/

    A bit about me: I am a concept designer and art director for video games, web TV, and independent VFX films, primarily specialized in the area of environment design.

    I have over a decade of experience working with powerhouse studios such as Electronic Arts, Sony Online Entertainment, and the Texas-based developer Certain Affinity. I have contributed to several high-profile projects including DOOM, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and Halo 4.

    As a long-time fan of Neill Blomkamp's work, I'd be honored to contribute to the amazing work that Oats Studios is producing.
  • De La Cruz
    Name: Jordan

    Occupation: Video Production Manager (Marketing)

    A bit about me: I manage the video and animation department of a Salt Lake City-based marketing agency that's about half creative services and half strategy-based solutions. In my spare time I'm working on a self-funded production company made up of local film technicians, writers, directors, editors.. whatever you're passionate about. Loving everything I've been seeing here on OATS and can't wait to see what the future holds for this studio. There's a shift coming in how movies are made, and I think artist/audience driven projects like this are the future.
  • Andrei
    Name: Andrei Jikh

    Occupation: Cardistry Expert | Deception Specialist | Magician

    A bit about me: I helped create practical magic effects in camera for Now You See Me 2. I also trained the cast and helped prepare them for their role for magic/cardistry. I ran the video production department at the largest online magic retailer having worked alongside JJ. Abrams, Neil Patrick Harris, and David Copperfield. My specialty is combining my expertise in magic/practical effects with passion in film. Here are a few visuals:

    THE MAGICIAN: https://vimeo.com/214777335
    TESLA: https://vimeo.com/219785213
    AERIAL DRONE: https://vimeo.com/135518720

    What you guys have done is AMAZING. Would love to collaborate if there are any opportunities! :D
  • Alex Bright
    Name: Alex Bright
    Occupation: Writer/Director/Producer
    Social Media: Facebook
    A bit about me: Grew up in South Florida now living in Central Florida (Orlando). I am a Filmmaker that is currently developing a series based off of a short film that I wrote and directed. My short just started our festival tour. I Love, Love, love Science Fiction!!! it's the genre that I have dreamed of working in since I was little. Rakka was amazing can't wait to see the rest of the series and everything else that Oats is creating.

    My IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3916861/?ref_=rvi_nm
    Gone from Daylight Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GoneFromDaylightFilm/
    Gone from Daylight Teaser: https://vimeo.com/218670498
  • Verropoulos
    Hello everyone. I am glad this can be a means to get to know each other and see all about what this community has to offer.
    name Panayiotis Verropoulos
    occupation Junior Compositor
    website www.panavero.com
    social media Facebook
    A bit about me Grew up in Cyprus. A small country still divided in half and occupied. Dreaming big is not usually what is considered normal in that place. Especially not dreaming about leaving the country and making it into the film industry somewhere else. But I chased my dream and now at 25 years old I am back in the place that I loved, Canada, with my wife, ready to leave my mark and do my part to contribute in this industry. I have much left to learn, but I trust my commitment and passion. I hope Oats opens the road to more studios being open in creative discussions and doing things outside of the box.
  • Dre
    Name: Andrew
    Occupation: Student at George Washington University
    Why am I writing this: I am a huge fan of dystopian films and am really interested in their creation.
    I just wanted to let you know that RAKKA is the coolest thing i have seen in quite a long time. Oats Studios has such massive potential and seems to be the next generation of filmmaking. Keep up the great work everyone and I will love to see where this goes.
  • OnLashoc
    Name: Nathan L. Binford

    Occupation: Law Enforcement | 8 year Army Special Ops vet | Graphics Art Designer | Independent Author | Gamer

    A bit about me: I grew up in the inner city of Columbus, OH (Go Bucks!) and dropped out of high school in my senior year after losing my mother to ovarian cancer. A year or so later, I went and got my GED then enrolled in college in Electronics Engineering. During my first year 9/11 happened, so I flirted with Army recruiters for about a year before ultimately enlisting in April of 2003. I joined a Psychological Operations company where I served for 8 years before moving to Florida to take care of my terminally ill father with colon cancer. Since then, rather than returning to Ohio or the Army, I found a local government job in law enforcement.

    Since my separation with the Army and pretty much everything I know, I began writing about my life as an independent author due to my limited finances. I published my first novel with graphics called "The Soul Of Something" in April of 2016, followed up by my second novel with graphics "The Soul Of Something: Aiden" ebook in May of 2017 (Finishing paperback as we speak). The first was a short novel about specific events in my life that shaped me as the man I am today. The second, a completely fictional story about a man with schizophrenia and severe depression. The goal of the series is to explore wide-ranging situations that people face and to show different perspectives on what makes us different yet similar in an Outer-Limits-Twilight-Zone-Imagine-If-What-Would-You-Do-way.

    I have several other titles in the making as I kind of bounce back and forth to their completion; a total of 7 books in all (4 books in the TSOS series, 1 Philosophical piece, and 2 Science Fiction pieces).

    As an 80's baby, I grew up during a time without cell phones and easily available computers or even internet for that matter. I remember family time gathering around the TV to watch shows like Star Trek, Crime Story, NYPD Blues, Quantum Leap, Dr. Who, or staying up late on Friday Nights watching Night Owl Theatre with Night Owl Fritz on Columbus WBNS: http://www.columbusmonthly.com/content/stories/2015/06/where-are-they-now-fritz-the-nite-owl.html

    I didn't come here to sell a book, or even pitch ideas. I came here to see what I could help with as I am very interested in Oats Studios and what you've been able to do in such a non-traditional way! I'm excited to see what's next!

    Nate B.

    A couple pieces of my artwork on my cheap digital graphics artpad from my book.
    House1 (601K)
    inoffice (420K)
    Truck (416K)
    doctortable (44K)
    television2 (98K)
  • NAVA
    Hey hombres (y señoritas wilkommen),
    my name is NAVA
    I'm an editor, I make comix, dabble in augmented reality and pixel art with the Latino Toons Collective. I just wanna throw out there that AR thought of as a cypher/key is a great distribution platform/promotional vehicle for emerging works!

    I love the way the project is being handled so far,
    w my only caveat being "Martinez" is totally irish-looking,
    ... but he could be descended from the St Paddy's Battallion... soo

    Much love from the cafe-con-leche side of the border,


  • Daniel Thron

    Name: Daniel
    Occupation: (to pay rent:) matte painter/vfx artist. (what I love doing:) writing and directing.
    Social Media: Twitter
    A bit about me: I write and direct short films -- here's an example:

    I've worked in VFX for about 11 years, for films like David Fincher's Zodiac and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, as well Fate of the Furious and Tron: Legacy. Before that, was in videogames, working for Looking Glass Studios as one of the main creative on the Thief series. I love film of every kind and era, but deeply love science fiction, especially the kind of crazy, deep creativity and worldbuilding that Oats seems to want to go for. I'm really interested in both their work, and seeing the work of people on this forum!
  • Rod Faulkner
    Name: Rod
    Occupation: Founder of the sci-fi site The7thMatrix.com
    Social Media: Twitter
    A little about me: Hi everyone! I'm a lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy.. I started my site four years ago to help promote quality genre shorts and web series. I'm also a bookworm and love watching genre tv.
  • sovengen
    Name: Dmitry
    Occupation: Lead Engineer
    Social Media: This forum
    A bit about me: I'm living in Russia. In my early 30's. Loved sci-fi all my life. Neill's District 9 was a breath of fresh air for me and my friends, who are obviously nerds and geeks like myself (although I'm the biggest one). Got introduced to Die Antwoord by watching Chappie. Thankful for that too.
  • harrygcallard
    Name: Harry
    Occupation: Marine biologist, currently studying for my PhD in NZ.
    Social Media: Twitter
    A bit about me: I'm an English guy recently moved over to NZ, super into comic books and movies. As a biologist, I'm really into scifi with good creature designs, and worldbuilding that hints at a wider story. Always enjoyed Blomkamp's cyberpunk/used scifi aesthetic since his Halo shorts, so I've been pretty excited about Oats from day one. I've co-written a scifi comic that's currently getting a publisher preview drawn up by a fairly well known illustrator, so hopefully will have some creative ideas to offer the Oats world.
  • Valerio Liberatore
    Name: Valerio
    Occupation: Digital colorist and Flame Artist
    Social Media: Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn.
    A bit about me: I'm an italian guy based in Milan. Studied theoric cinema at university, moved istantly into post production after completing my studies as a 3D artist and later as a compositor.
    Swapped into color grading, finally found what I've always loved to do professionally. Colors give me emotions, and I feel that are crucial in the storytelling, that's why I got into grading. Big fan of DaVinci Resolve and Baselight :D
    I actually love every field of the post production process, hope I can be helpfull in this community and collaborate with Oats Studios!
    I found Rakka astonishing guys, in every aspect!
  • paolo
    Good Idea!

    Name: Paolo
    Occupation: design, research, development (serving as cto at jcube inc in tokyo, japan)
    Social Media: Twitter (@pberto)
    A bit about me: Originally born in a small town of outlaws in the far north-east of Italy. My family background was furniture design and production. Dropped out of university to work at Alias|waverfront on Maya mostly thanks to my interest in photography and rendering. Pursued a crazy carrer in the development of tools for the CGI/VFX industry, which brought me around the world multiple times. Started two companies, met many awesome people, co-created some quite original products like, recently, http://multi-verse.io and http://maneki.sh which is the core technology that enabled the stylistic improvements for the next-gen Anime movie BLAME!
    I love cinema, photography, cooking, windsurfing, skiing and thinking different.

    I read about this "Oats Initiative" via Twitter some days ago and man... it's so refreshing! Best of luck with this. We'd love to find way to collaborate somehow, with our tools, with ideas, with anything.
  • JJKresl
    Name: Joseph Kresl

    Occupation: Director/Producer/Cinematographer

    Tiny background: I am currently trying to get my hands on any project I can direct or even produce being a senior at Arizona State University studying filmmaking. I love to direct and study direction with any film I watch daily and generally loved to be entertained from all types of films. Science fiction films have always held a place in my heart from my dad showing me films like Terminator 2 and Star Wars back when I was growing up. I hope my future in the field of filmmaking involves working on projects that are in the line of what OATS seems to be doing with their work.
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