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    Here we are looking for your thoughts on our first short series. Theories, feedback, critique and suggestions are all more than welcome.
  • Stefan
    Just purchased the Rakka Assets.

    The concept art pdfs are by far better than any concept art book - and including videosin the PDF was just a killer idea. Its in depth and not just a few photos. Wonderful art and very very creative.
    The scripts are a nice add on.

    The 3D Files are just a nerd's and 3D artists dream come true. Amazing!

    One first idea: Why don't you offer to print hardcover or softcover "The Art of Rakka" books on order? I'd pay for that.

    Also It would be amazing to get making-of material like videos, photos, behind the scenes stuff etc.

    Additionally I would love to get some high quality art prints of selected concept art to frame it and put it on the wall.
  • Stefan
    Rakka itself is a masterpiece in my personal opinion. District 9 was in no way a funny or a soft science fiction movie, Elysium was neither. But the roughness of Rakka does a possible alien invasion with no good intentions great justice.

    Splitting up the short film into introducing the world first and then tell stories works perfectly and is a better concept then trying to put the audience quickly in a world they dont know and also start the story at the same time. It is just more honest and I felt pretty immersive in that way although it was divided into parts.

    The aliens are just again like in DIstrict 9 so creative I would like to see more of them, especially their skin and their head look incredible.

    At first I thought Weta Workshop had made fantastic props but turns out they are fully VFX - so kudos to the whole digital artists team!
  • Cody
    Loved Rakka, but I've loved everything I've seen from Neill. I think what you have to figure out is how to market this to people like my mom or everyone at my work who have no clue who neill blomkamp is or who watches this and says this is just the same thing as district 9. This one could easily be a feature length film, but it's going to need one heck of a story behind it or it'll turn out like chappie again, and I loved chappie. I was sitting up on the edge of my seat eyes glued to the screen watching chappie. The biggest question will still be how do you get someone who's not a diehard fan to look at this as more than just d9 stuff. I'll definitely check out dlc and can't wait to see what comes next.

    Thanks guys
  • Stefan
    @Cody I agree with you, maybe those short films should just be broadcasted on pay tv or at some point free tv so people out of the viral internet buzz / steam sphere get to know these amazing films.
  • cryotank
    Hello, Stefan and Cody

    I loved Rakka . It really let me interested to know more about that universe.

    If we were talking about a regular big studio movie I would expect to find in stores: action figures, t-shirts, caps and even comic prequel comic books. Oats could invite new talents to write and draw comics based in that same universe.

    The Matrix franchise is full of cross media contents and references and their approach should be analysed.

    Another thing I already suggested is to offer the episodes and vignettes in a TV series format at NETFLIX, for example.

    I could help on translating subtitles and other contents from english to portuguese.

    Thank you,
  • Jake
    I think Rakka is great. Lots going on. The Aliens look phenomenal. Everything about them is great; their black...ooze if you will, is really interesting and gross at the same time.

    I'm not sure what's going on as far as the story. Is this linear or are parts mixed up? It seems to me like things are out of order but I'm not sure the timeline of events. Maybe I'm trying to read into too much, idk, I'm not good at pointing out themes or metaphors in film, but it seems like there could be a few different ways to interpret what the Aliens represent: global warming, religion, corporation, government/politics, film industry? Or maybe they're just fucking aliens and there isn't any more to it you know?

    My favorite part is the reveal of Amir. I didn't know what to expect when the scarf was pulled from his head but man was that cool. I love how the black stuff moves and is pulsing around the implant; it was also neat the way it's connected to the shoulder blade as well.

    My other favorite detail was when the alien spaceship was shot down and then we see the alien rolling out of the crash @ 16:30. The wreck looks like a puddle splash frozen in time. So fucking dope.

    oh also, the shot @ 5:30 when the dust cloud rolls in the window on Nosh!
  • Steve
    I originally thought these short videos were going to be complete stories in the same vein as a Black Mirror episode. Rakka did a very good job at reeling me in to the story and atmosphere and when it ended I was disappointed to realize that it may be a long time before the rest of the story is developed. So it definitely did a very good job at generating interest and I could see it potentially recruiting people to help funding.

    However, I have liked everything from Neill, so I'm more likely to go out of my way to watch this. So I agree with Cody and Stefan that these may need a better mode into mainstream viewership. The only thing I can come up with at the moment is having these play in theaters before movies similar to what Pixar does with it's shorts. Though, I'm not sure what the cost of this would be. Also, the E3 presentation was a great idea and hit a good target audience.

    As far as the critique, I really enjoyed Rakka. I'm intrigued by all of the different possible angles that the story could be taken. The universe is robust and there are many potential stories/sub plots. I could easily see myself binge watching this if it were an episodic series.

    One thing I love about all of Neill's films are the weapons. Given the alien technology, black liquid, and human experiments I can't wait to see what crazy weapon is devised.

    In District 9 it was also a black liquid that was the alien's fuel and is what turned the main character into a "prawn". Just wondering if these universes connected at all ;)
  • Kool Keith
    It's got a massive Half Life 2 beta vibe, fantastic visuals and performances. Seriously, hands down some of the best cinema I've seen in the last few years.
  • Mat Stocks
    Absolutely amazing! Great CGI, great casting. Very interested to see this story develop. If this is a sign of things to come from you guys then you definitely have an exciting future! It had a definite District 9 esque feel to it, but very much in its own league.
  • Mäx
    First of all: The short film is absolutely amazing! The aliens are so damn cool. I've watched the scene in which they look you in the eyes a couple of times beacause it was so fascinating.
    Do we see more of the aliens in Volume 2?
  • Jeandré
    District 9 was a little bit funny... X-)
  • Stefan
    @Jeandré yeah but not in a slapstick kind of way that's what I meant.
  • beanz8919
    I thought the short was amazing, definitely left me wanting more, really hoping to see the story get further fleshed out and developed in the future. Phenomenal vfx work as well, really outstanding stuff.
  • Grant
    As far as first opinions go, really cool short you guys put together here. Some wicked ideas and world building on display. One big thing I might ease up on though is the expository voiceover. Let the visuals do their thing. Carly Pope is fantastic though.
  • Jeandré
    Voice over remind me of Resident Evil, voices sound similar also...
  • Eric
    I purchased Rakka on steam and I enjoyed Rakka a lot. I loved the look of the aliens and how the black goo is integrated into their look as well as their structures. I would love to see a full scale battle between these things especially since they can control minds. It could lead to some really fun scenes. I'd also like to learn more about why they came to Earth. Are they harvesting resources? Did their planet get destroyed and they simply need another home? The terraforming idea is really cool as well. I love the fact that the methane is making it hard for humans to breathe, but what is the effect on the aliens? Does it make them stronger? They seem to be breathing fine when the oxygen levels are normal.

    I can't wait to see what else is coming. District 9, Chappie and Elysium were all awesome. Neill and team are the one people pushing unique science fiction movies forward. The effects always look "real" and the stories are fun.

    Edit: I'd also love to see a few "variants" of these creatures. Maybe some larger brutes with a similar look, but with more physical strength. Goes without saying that a flashback showing the initial invasion would be amazing as well. I want to see these creatures attacking for the first time on Earth.
  • Rustin L Odom
    Rakka is great and has that special sauce that points a heavy finger toward a feature film that could be a major blockbuster with many avenues for spin-offs. The thought that came into my head near the end of the short film was that not only do humans have an incredible ability for resilience both mentally and spiritually, but what about on the evolutionary sense?

    What if humans, with the unwitting aid of the aliens, had their evolutionary future forced onto them in a decades time which would normally would take thousands / millions of years of evolution? Imagine mental, psychic, telepathic and otherwise reality-bending powers emerging for the first time in humans to combat these conquering aliens just as white blood cells in a blood stream would take upon itself new properties to combat a new threat. It's clear that the aliens themselves have an uncanny ability over mental control and even telekinetic power, but did they unknowingly empower a race that has a will unparalleled to any they've ever witnessed with the embodiment of unlimited powers?

    This idea is loaded with potential.

    Now imagine this new evolution spinning out of control for humans, segregation among themselves, becoming a threat to their own species as the new power is understood and adopted like a baby with a loaded Colt 45.

    Now that is something that would get me to sign up for a newsletter :P
  • ChrisLikesDinos
    First off - RAKKA was amazing to look at.

    It was loaded with fantastic world building, and set a great tone.

    In the future, I'd be more interested in episodes telling a more contained story - with a clear arc and character growth, set within the creative worlds. As others said, the Black Mirror approach would be really neat - if only for select stories, and of course, with a shorter run time.

    Otherwise, I would love to see more from the world of RAKKA - there are some really cool concepts going on here!

    (As an aside, I think a clear preview of the purchasable assets/extras available on Steam would be cool - maybe a YouTube video highlighting the extras?)
  • johnrain
    I loved Rakka. It has everything that I love in movies. A truly sci-fi extravaganza.

    If Rakka is going to be developed as a full movie I will give some personal advices:

    -Putting different types or classes of aliens to show some kind of hierarchy in this spieces. To don´t let the people have the feeling that they are seeing the same alien over and over again.
    -Exploring more in depth the new evoluted humans. Being crazy and going full Akira with these evoluted humans.
    -Try to not over dramatize the movie you can have depth but being entertaining and action packed at the same time. A cool way to do the movie could be a kind of sci-fi men on a mission type of movie like guns of navarone and the dirty dozen but with aliens instead of Nazis.
  • Rod Faulkner
    To Mr. Blomkamp, Oats Studios Production team, and staff:

    I really enjoyed RAKKA, and its dark, disturbing, and gritty vision of our world conquered by hostile extraterrestrials. So much of sci-if is pristine and sleek. It's refreshing to see a film that isn't afraid to delve into unsettling places. Since I run a website that reviews and features genre short films, I just had to write an article about RAKKA. I wish everyone at Oats Studios much success with this short film, and all your other endeavors.
  • sovengen
    Cheers from Russia. Loved Rakka. Everything is awesome. Sigourney Weaver is an icon and she's great in this movie. Neill Blomkamp is a visionary. Design is outstanding. After watching, instantly purchased assets on steam, donated here and wrote every-effing-friend I now about this movie.
    Please do God's work in the future too.

    One suggestion: this movie needs subtitles in different languages, because, sadly, not everyone speaks English. Neill's movies, and District 9, especially, are beloved among sci-fi crowd in my country. And I think this will greatly expand the audience for this and future movies from Oats all around the world.
  • Breadstick
    I felt that you told the story so brilliantly through the visuals, that the voice over throughout felt like overkill. I'd be interested to see a cut without the voice over and just the stellar visual story telling.
  • simoncheyen
    I really like the voice-over but your idea is also very interesting! ;)
    also I have a question - where the hell is Sharlto? or are you keeping him for later? (probably he was mocaping aliens but what do i know ;) )
  • KevinMichaelKohl FilmEditor BFS
    Absolutely amazing!

    I love that way of story telling!
    Blomkamp is the man who creates the next level of filmmaking!
  • simoncheyen
    just found out the aliens are called Klum, so scratch out the thing about Sharlto mocaping him/them :)
  • Jérémy
    Hi from France !!

    Just saw Rakka , guys really , you're killers !!!

    With your studios , you have no more limits and we feel it seeing the movie. We feel the liberty of creative team , liberty of the director and the liberty of the scenarist. And damn , that's a big feeling !!

    About the movie itself , well , I'll probably need to see it a few more time ! But the quality is here , the story is great and can be expanded ! The biggest question I have is : what is this Angel? ^^ I need to know it !

    Anyway , can't wait to see your next works , I'm really hyped now .... ^^
  • cryotank
    Rakka passed 1 million Youtube views in only a couple of days !

    Please take some time to see what people are saying about the movie in the Youtube comments.

    I just can't get enough of reading it.


  • steven blomkamp
    thos renders look slick! I love it. Thank you for sharing!
  • Hayley
    I saw it a few hours after it came out (curse time zones), and it was awesome. So great to see Ripley doing what she does best, and it was pretty believable for a SF story. Love the idea of resistance fighters - gave it a "Matrix-y" feel almost. As always, the world-building and visuals are fantastic (this is why I watch Blomkamp movies; it's a visual masterpiece).
    I agree with some of the others about the expositional dialogue in the beginning of the short. It felt just a little cliche/heavy-handed; if it was just told visually an audience would probably pick it up soon, or it would present more room for discussion if it was left open-ended.
  • Michal
    I really liked the first episode - congratulations to the team behind it! However, I don't think the concept was as original and different as the creators would wish. American militarism + group of survivors/underground guerilla + alien invaders... That sounds too familiar. USA (and Chile! :D) flags waving in the background. I mean, seriously? I suppose that battle with the alien invaders doesn't require identification with the use of flags. When all governments have collapsed would anyone still subscribe to the idea of the nation? Furthermore, everyone looked rather well nourished. Where does the food come from? I saw a couple of pigs but what about crops? Are humans still able to produce food? What about weapons, fuel etc? Knowing how divided humans are - are there factions fighting for resources? What about invaders? They all seem to look the same and act with the military/hive mentality. Who controls them and what is their ultimate goal? What do they do besides hunting and torturing people? Do they have an actual culture? If they breed using humans as the hosts what will they do after humans extinct? How come they evolved in such way particularly that they can use mind control on humans? Looking at their terraforming efforts it appears that they prefer warmer climate, what about people in places like Siberia? Are they safe? If the world's armies were unable to defeat invaders with the conventional weapons there is no way that a small group of resistance can.
    Just random thoughts that came to my mind.
    I hope that the story will progress towards more unfamiliar territories just like D9.
    But nonetheless awesome, exciting stuff! Thanks!
  • SamFez
    Absolutely brilliant short!
  • cinquantesix

    That's not the flag of Chile, that's the Texas flag ;)
    But both of them really look alike, I'll grant you that !
  • Nelostic
    Please Add the Daughter Jasper (Sigourney Weaver)
    Actress Kezia Burrows (Aliens Isolation)
    Amanda Ripley and Ellen Ripley, Should have to Meet somewhere =)

  • Joshua Truett
    Great short love the concept but as for growing crops that's touched on during the narrative. I've always enjoyed his estetic . It's not over done almost realistic like the modified weapons in Elysium or even chappie design my favorite is probably the mech from D9
  • Lasource
    Hello my brothers I introduce Hadji I just graduate as a director and I am currently preparing a short film that I would like to introduce to you but unfortunately I do not have the necessary means neither my school of cinema for special effects Nor the software to adapt for that if you had advice to give me make me sign
    thank you good day.
  • Hayley
    Hey, all! I posted a review of Rakka earlier, but I would be fascinated to learn about the inspiration behind it. What sorts of things (books, movies, whatever) were the inspiration for Rakka? Where'd the idea for those giant monsters come from? (Remind me to show that to my family in Texas!)

    Also, upon checking Neill's Twitter, I saw something about a cooking show. I saw something called "Cooking with Bill" on the teaser trailer, screen-shotted it, and sent it to a few of my friends, which generated a lot of laughs. Does that remind anyone else of Kruger (from Elysium) and his katana BBQ? What even IS "Cooking with Bill?" Is it its own short, or part of something else? I'd love to know... hopefully that's the next short coming out!
  • Parrini
    The history remind me about the faith in Reptilian alien race, who can control minds and are super intelligent. There are many races in this belief, like Draconians, Ashtar Command, Sirians and so many others. Read some stuff about it can help you to build ideas.
  • Goju Ponu
    Currently waiting until my refund is complete so I can purchase the Rakka assets. I can't find enough ways or words to praise how amazingly well done the episodes were, and I am just dying to get my hands on the 3D models to try and make a tribute video to you guys.
  • cryotank
    I suppose most of the answers will be answered in other short movies or even a full feature, spin off comic series, animation, etc.. If there's interested for investor to develop a movie franchise or tv show.

    Until there, we can rely on the forum to improve the fictional universe with ideas, treatments, scripts, drawings, concept art, props ideais, etc..

    Minor mistakes or errors can occur but it's not a big deal in this case, unless we were talking about a 100 million dollars blockbuster with many years of planning and a cast of thousand of professionals.

    Everything in the screen has a reason, provided months of production design, concepts and writing. Rakka is an independent production with astounding results, being part of a huge portfolio for Oats Studios.

    I would say that OATS achieved the goal they planned initially, both artisticaly and creatively once this is a short movie to stablish a starting point to other stories in the same universe.

  • paolo
    Here's an attempt at an Anime-style RAKKA, made with http://maneki.sh (the very same tech that we developed to make the 2017 Anime movie "BLAME!")


  • paolo
    Even more Anime-style:

  • Simon
    I just want to congratulate the people behind this on blowing my mind completely.
    Not only is the concept, cast and production great.
    But also the guts to go against traditional movie funding is just right down my alley.
    It insures creative freedom. And it frees Neill and his audience from having to swallow boring and predictive movie models which usually dominate the market.
    You got my support for this and future projects.
    The only thing that would please me more than seeing Oatsstudios flourish would to would be to work for you.

  • Andrew Koenig
    Rakka is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Jaw-droppingly good. The effects, the designs/concepts couldn't get any cooler. I thought it was great how the different segments each offered a different window into the world of the film. Creating kickass sci-fi content freely like this without studio constraints is a great idea and I hope Oats really takes off. I bought the extras on steam.

    I do have a few ideas/theories that I'd like to throw out there on where this story could go. So the "angels" that appear are a second species of aliens that are more advanced even than the Klum. They are trying to avoid the eventual end of the universe due to entropy. The catch is they inhabit a different but parallel dimension/plane/membrane of the multiverse and are unable to physically enter our dimension.
    They see a potential solution in humankind. The humans like Amir that survive the experiments of the album have a psychic ability that allows them to see a multitude of potential futures/eventualities. The angels need to use the abilities of these rare individuals in order to help build something to save them (because they can't, being stuck in another dimension).
    This thing that can save them is a technology/device that creates an anti-entropic field, locally reversing the second law of thermodynamics and helping to avoid increasing entropy. Well it turns out that the psychics don't create this device directly, they just foresee a path to its creation- and the path is Nosh. Nosh is needed to build it.
    Also it turns out that the angels actually sent the Klum to Earth because they know the potential of humans like Amir. They actually directed the takeover and experimentation in order to find the psychic individuals they need for their plan. So in the end we help the angels create the tech they need and it turns out that the fall of humanity was just a small part of their larger plan to save the universe. The end.
  • Kelly
    Just wanted to say I wish more feature directors did what's happening here and explored things in shorts. A few others have done this and moved back and forth, but it's rare. But I think it's great to try out ideas like this as Neill and his team have done with Rakka, really great :D
  • Dany S
    Everything about this is great, a real work of art. This is how you make movies and write stories. I do agree with Michael above.

    Plus just thought its a bit cliché to have squealing aliens and monsters, sure its plausible but certainly the leaders of those guys are in a different league, something really peculiar and out of the ordinary and extremely intelligent and don't 'squeal' per say. Maybe those soldier reptilians are just some animals or a 'lesser' type found on their planet. What we're dealing with here behind the curtains is something else completely.

    A+++ on setting the hopeless mood. Wonder what its like in other superpower nations too and how theyre dealing with it.
  • Adam
    Rakka is amazing. I shared it with everyone I know who likes sci-fi. I hope we get a chance to see how it continues, especially the involvement of the "saviors of mankind."
  • ErichWilliam
    So far I would say that this has been the strongest of the 3 purely on the established backstory and strong characters. You get really hooked quick. Also the simplicity of the alien creatures and experimentation they do helps grab onto the overall plight rather quickly. I have enjoyed all 3 but Rakka takes the cake so far. Although I would love another God segment soon as well.
    Cheers from Kelowna, me and my buddy Krum!
  • Montreseur
    Nomadic Hunters, Gatherers, and Colonizers of a grander scale.

    As humans we have normalized our role and position on the stage of the planet Earth. When one compares the actions of the Rakka and Human behavior we find many parallels. Humans are quite the alien on the face of the Earth.

    We destroy land, strip mine, demolish forests, spout chemicals into the air for the sake of "progress".

    We eradicate entire species off the Earth for textiles, food, or downright pleasure. Even in a lot of cases superstition (Rhino Horns for fertility/erectile dysfunction, etc). We pump animals full of chemicals, spray them in the face, electric shock them, dismember them, maim them for study. We eat them in excess and keep them in horrific condition, not even out of necessity even more,

    We feel this is normal, that this is a birth right because nothing else can stand up and fight back, because nothing else "higher" has come along and subjected us to the same treatment with superior mind and technology. Does superior mind and technology give a group the right to subject anything within its grasp to the same behavior?

    Not to mention what we subject our own species to, which is a whole different story.

    To me Rakka is a caricature of what Humans are already doing to the planet and every other species on it. Its the colonization, hunting and gathering of resources of a Nomadic species expressing their "Manifest Destiny".

    Hervbivore < Carnivore < Stellarvore
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