• DarkRonius
    I'm aware about not wanting people to submit original ideas, although really they're offshoots of Cooking with Bill (obviously though this title would make no sense for something not about cooking!). The idea really is to build on the brilliant shopping channel set pieces as a recurring theme for future volumes, and even random one-offs inbetween volumes.

    For me, it seems such a subversion of our culture and in particular rape culture, that chastity belts would end up becoming a fashion item, with the implication women who do not have them "clearly wanted it or didn't care about themselves enough". I think exploring such a dark theme in a superficially light-hearted, morning tv manner would be incredibly jarring for the audience and an interesting concept for one of the shopping episodes. Note that I'm not intending to push any kind of message really with this one segment... I just believe it would make an interesting piece, and seems to make logical sense in the increasingly demented "OATS Cinematic Universe".

    There are other similar themes that could be covered such as gemstoned knuckle dusters, but the point is more the glamourisation of personal protection devices and the like in a world increasingly ravaged by crises, whether oil related or aliean related or any other. When such an event occurs, the have nots would likely starve while the haves would tend to consolidate for protection... You could maybe even combine a similar idea to Kapture, where people can have their own remote-controlled slaves (members of the lower class who have sold their lives in order that their families can receive payment and be fed)... The beauty of remote controlled slaves is they can always have a smile on their face and be polite, and people can feel safe in the cynical knowledge they're providing "charity" to the less well off families as well. I'd love to see what you guys can come up with ha.
  • Jérémy
    Ahah I love the idea !! ^^

    You can make many of this ! "Gardening with Gary" , "Drive with David" ... etc etc etc ^^
  • DarkRonius
    Gardening with Gary: You could have fences that look wooden and like any other traditional fencing from the inside, but on the outside layered with razor wire, high voltage electric current and armour coating... "So you can keep out the plebs and still keep that gorgeous view!"

    Drive with David: I'm sure we would reach the point armoured vehicles and tanks would become "mainstream" with those who can afford them. Again, I picture something that looks luxurious and more like a standard car on the inside, whilst the outsite has automatic sensors that can explode and vapourise any potential hostile in the vicinity. Its AR viewscreen automatically removes the "inconvenient" images of their homeless-class bodies exploding "for a more pleasant and premium driving experience"
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