• Nelostic
    This is best Idea.
    Transformers anime + Michael Bay = Transformers movie universe.
    Evangelion+ Neil Blomkamp = Evangelion movie universe.( real life actors) Rating R!
    alternative universe of
    (Evangelion 1.11 2.22 3.33 +"end of evangelion" )
    This is a very Brutal anime.


    and 3d
  • Nelostic
    My Poster =)
    Cool Movie (2M)
  • Nelostic
    Gost in the Shell like
  • ErichWilliam
    I'm not sure a movie studio would go after this film with Pacific Rim on the market that did not do well at all at the box office. Let alone having a director with a pretty defined unique style. I think Neil would be better suited for something like Akira more than a mech suit film. That being said, I still dont think the tech is there to pull off Akira correctly without getting a massive budget.
  • Nelostic

    Eva is not mecha.
    This is biomehanical monsters
    (Giger like.)
    This is adam clones in the shell

    He battling with angels
    Angels is children of adam
    This is quantum biology

    And Humans is children of lilit.

    The paleocontact theory
    Prometheus style. Matrix style
    and very very brutal story. for adult

    And pacific rim is transformers style =) for kids.
  • Jérémy
    Pacific Rim is completely an Evangelion copy except for the "god/angels/paleocontact theory" .

    So I really doubt we'll ever see Evangelion on big screen ... :/

    Without the fact that this is an anime particulary hard to adapt as a full lenght movie. Just from the visual point , adapting it for the large public is particulary special (just the fact of every explosion looking like a giant cross will be hard to accept for the large public).

    Just my thoughts but I really doubt Evangelion will ever happen ... And all the Angels know that I would love to see this ! ^^
  • Nelostic

    Everything can be explained by quantum mechanics. O:)
  • Jérémy
    Yes , I know , that's not the problem.

    The problem is you can't make only what you want when making a movie , there is some rules to follow to make it understandable for large public !

    And Evangelion is everything except understandable easily by everyone ^^

    So you have to find how to adapt it more easily. Same problem with the visual point , it's not something people are ready to see. All the colors and Angel's designs are completely insane.

    You're a bit too much in the "fan fiction dark side" Nelostic ^^ Like on your post for Alien 5 , not everyting can be made easily :)
  • Nelostic

    It is not necessary to make a clear story for spectator. The spectator is important epic.
    how to matrix

    So far no one has understood the plot of the matrix

    this is very very cool
  • Jérémy
    Of course you don't have to explain everything but the basis has to be a little realistic !

    What work in anime will not always work in a live movie.

    And don't get me wrong , I would kill to see an Evangelion movie xD

    Personnaly , to adapt it correctly , I don't think movie will be the right format. A Quality TV series will be much more adapted to the original material.

    Take a look at the 3 reboots movie , they are ok but some stories from the original series had been deleted :/ A big netflix like series could be cool ! And you don't have the same budgets and public problems when you work for TV than movie ! It's a little bit more "free".

  • Nelostic

    I dont like original TV series evangelion.
    Is very slow movie .
    He did not have the budget for the second half. And they started filming nonsense.

    And in reboot , the author had enough money to show what he wanted.
    I like reboot
  • Jérémy
    There is positive and negative in both but the original series take time to make stories to all characters . The reboot is the "fast and furious" version of the series , they cut many things important to make action going faster. The reflexion behind it is much less interesting.

    Both version are working together , to adapt it you need to make a mix of both. There is good things in both.

    Just adapting the reboot will make a Pacific Rim remake ^^
    I'm already waiting for the film. I want a line of films! The idea is really ready to justify time and money. And fans of this anime around the world very much.
  • Nelostic
    Oh Yeah!!!
    alternative universe! Evangelion Bad boy style!

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