• Zach
    I don't know if this is worth pointing out or if I am just pointlessly nit-picking here but in Kapture, when the camera view switches to the camera on the ceiling, at 2:14, the camera that we were previously seeing out of is nowhere to be seen.
  • AZechariah
    That's an astute observation, although it's very obvious when you see it .. but who cares the whole thing is an experiment anyway.
  • AZechariah
    the thing I didn't like was the reactions of the prisoner, he seemed calm as fuck and asked why am I here? which gives you an idea about how he's been treated so far, the question now is, why and how, did he keep standing up after he was shot in his leg?! when you shoot people in the leg they fall down, or sit.
    I always notice stuff live this, unrealistic reactions that serve the narrative. but again this is an experimental short film. so it's OK.
  • Kool Keith
    I believe it's part of the game angle (Neil spoke about it being game-themed in an interview), how third person cameras are fourth wall perspectives. The conscious breaking of the fourth wall reminds me of a certain game series.
  • RikVasquez
    Haven't seen any behind the scenes, I'm guessing the filmmakers used real time camera tracking. In other words: mocap body acting + mocap facial acting + mocap handicam. "Kapture" the title can also mean all these tools in a tech demo but presented as a short film.

    Once you have the mocap data you can set the virtual camera wherever you wish to place them. I agree with Kool Keith, there's a retro game theme added to it. I saw comments on youtube that were negative on the 3d models but I think Oats was going for that vintage Half-Life game look mixed with the latest in mocap tools and techniques especially for the faces of the principal "actors".
  • DarkRonius
    I definitely got the sense the "artificial" look was intentional, especially considering the quality of (most!) of the CGI in the rest of this volume. I'd argue even the camera not being visible from the second angle was another "nod" that this was clearly from the viewer. OK That was clearly contrived and it was probably an error. But the point was, I believe, not to appear hyper-realistic. Possibly to enter that "uncanny valley" of morality (if what we are seeing is just a game, we have no problem with causing this man pain... The gamification of violence... Similar even to the themes of God, just that film is the next logical step).
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