• Johann
    Not sure if there are any plans for another episode but here's a fun idea (summarized):

    As usual God sits in his corner reading. The humans are carving a wooden idol of a fertility goddess and begin worshiping it. At some point a 1/4 scale fertility goddess, (pregnant belly and all) appears beyond the perimeter of table (in the outer room) floating on a throne.

    GOD: Well how the bloody hell did she get here Jefferies?

    JEFFERIES: Well sir, you did make them in your image... I'm assuming they have something of your creative ability sir.

    GOD: Yes, but they can't bloody go around creating other gods!

    God proceeds to punish the humans but the humans in turn pray to the fertility goddess and she counteracts the punishment. Hilarity ensues as we see God's frustration mounting in a competition between the two deities. In the end God gives in to his frustration.

    GOD: Just take her away Jefferies! Be gone with her!

    Jefferies grabs the little goddess under the armpits while she's squirming and carries her out the room. Leaning over the table God adjusts his spectacles.

    GOD: Little buggers!

    He precariously hovers a finger over the table releasing a lightning bolt killing one the humans instantly.
  • The hunter
    Maybe not. Maybe something different. There is one episode irreverent. I think there supose to be one episode in different tone. For balance.
    Od course od Oats would be able to do that.
  • skyward
    Think there are more episodes planned. As for your idea - there's some good stuff in there, and you've nailed the tone between God and his manservant. I don't know if there's enough there for a full short OR if it's different enough from the first episode, but I enjoyed reading!
  • Johann
    Thanks. Yes it was just a synopsis with a few lines of dialogue thrown in to get the feel but would have to be expanded. I imagine the bulk of the episode occurring as the competition between God and the goddess culminating in God's frustration but it may well need more "meat" than that.
  • Johann
    Perhaps God causes a volcanic erruption. Terrorized the humans pray to their idol. The goddess send a flood that protects them, cooling the hot lava. Earthquakes, floods, famine, tribal wars (there's an opportunity for a third deity to emerge!)

    Maybe others have some ideas...
  • The hunter
    I have Idea. I need a time to bring it together but. I think someone should confirm that we can published our ideas. Forum get closed once already.
  • Johann
    As long as it's related to Oats short films in some way and not an original idea for a different film. Keeping it related to an episode of God is fine.
  • The hunter
    Soo. I got something similar but little different. I'm gonna put that together on a weekend.
  • TheGravetenders
    This is awesome.. you can work in all kinds of deity
  • TheGravetenders
    Suddenly Mohammed appears. Then Jesus comes in eating a bowl of cereal in bunny slippers complaining about the rise of crucifixion.
  • Trombotus
    OMY I saw this episode just for now and veryveryvery want to see next!! I LOVE this room with this man in pretty suit. AN want mini serial about GOD and humans!!!
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