• Ironclad Industries
    In light of the recent closure of the forum due to too many original ideas being sent or posted about I would like to discuss exactly what and what the forum is intended for to clarify what is and is not okay to post about.

    Original ideas are a no go obviously, but what about discussing original ideas in a post without the intention of submitting it for oats studios to produce a film of? Is it okay to post about things not related to any of oats films just for the purpose of general discussion and brainstorming?

    What about artwork or current projects that might not be directly related to an oats project?

    In general I'm just wanting to find out what is and is not okay to post and how relevant to an oats short something has to be in order to post.
  • Darth Biomech
    I think, until further word from the admins\Neil, it's best to assume the rule "if it's not related to Oats or their shorts - don't post it".
  • beefsweat
    I agree with darth biomech, if people really want to discuss their own ideas or post unrelated stuff there are better places to do it than here
  • skyward
    There probably are better places. That said, you can't blame people for being enthusiastic and optimistic after watching Oats stuff and feeling like they could go on and do something similar themselves. So how to harness that?

    I noticed quite a few posts when the forum first launched along the lines of 'I've got this script' or 'why not make a film about transforming teddy bears?'. This may have been entirely cynical on the poster's part OR they really misunderstood some of those early quotes from Neil and the team about community involvement.

    I actually think cultivating a creative think tank here on the forums would be to Oats' eventual benefit.

    Here's a case study - Mark Millar's (comic writer of Kick Ass/ Kingsman er al) Millarworld forums - the main forum is for discussion of Mark's stuff and comics /movies/TV in general. He posts here regularly. The forum has another section - Creative Central - which is all about posting your own stuff or collaborating or asking questions about making comics or whatever. When Mark has his own comic competition each year he has an engaged, in-built talent pool to build momentum. The rest of the time the section keeps itself going in isolation to the rest of the forum.

    It's a great community, and many ( but not all) forum members operate across both areas. I doubt mark gets hassled by people pitching him ideas, and the forum is well self-policed, so wrongly posted stuff gets moved or deleted ( he also has a dedicated team of admins) - so it all works rather well, and I can definitely recommend the approach - especially if you want to (eventually) crowdsource ideas for Oats IPs - let people keep their creative juices flowing somewhere on this forum and it'll repay you - just takes time to build is all.
  • Jérémy
    100% agree with you !

    Having a part where everyone can share personnal idea can be awesome :)
  • AZechariah
    I totally understand people who were angry, I totally was, but I also understand the disappointment of oats because we sounded like we are asking them to spend money on our ideas only because we like them.
  • Johann
    I was also pretty disappointed about the closure. Original communication wasn't very clear on what Oats were looking for but I understand their decision and how ideas need to be constrained otherwise it just becomes a chaotic free-for-all. That being said, a creative outlet for completely original ideas would be great too.
  • TheGravetenders
    The only message I saw was that they were working on a submissions policy, I doubt the collaboration is what they're worried about . More likely they got a deluge of media files and messages sent directly to @Neill and what not. Everybody trying to submit material to "be on Oates" and probably resumes and demo reels and everything else.
    My thought is they want us to collaborate in here with their materials, not get a bunch of demos from a shit load of wannabes. I'm not interested in working with anyone just pushing their latest project either. I'm interested in working together with you guys and whatever footage we can all gather using the OATS materials we all bought on steam.
  • TheGravetenders
    Was there any message other than they were working on a submissions policy? Is there now a submission policy on the site?
  • TheGravetenders
    Also the deluge of submissions may have killed the servers being waaay more than they though it'd be. Possible hardware and data line upgrades?
  • Ironclad Industries
    They updated the pinned post after they opened the forum again to say that due to the overabundance of "original ideas" they will not be accepting any submissions at this time.
  • Ironclad Industries
    I absolutely agree, its great having a place where like-minded individuals can act as a think tank on larger projects that none of us could pull off alone, that's why I'm here and I hope it doesn't get so bad that they do outright ban unrelated discussions
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