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    Let's discuss Kapture Weapons. If you have your own ideas of weapons that you'd like Jeff and Gary to test, please submit them!
  • ErichWilliam
    What game engine was used for this project?
  • Longhorn
    A device that can "freeze" certain areas of atoms could be a potentially interesting concept. The device would work by freezing the atoms in place of a targeted area, no amount of force would be able to move the targeted area unless the device was broken or deactivated. Assuming that Kapture Weapons creates tools for the Government, the device could be used to lock air molecules in place around military bases as an invisible-indestructible shield. The device could also work as a trap to lock enemy soldiers in place for "peaceful" resolutions.

    If the device needs to be more "weapon" like, then it could easily be redesigned from a strategic device into a matter-manipulating weapon. If it was a weapon, it would be similar to someone with telekinesis lifting objects and throwing them at people, however this weapon would also be able to "grab" chunks of air, dust, and other small particles and turn them into indestructible blocks to be hurtled at enemies. Think of it as the gravity gun from Half Life 2, but is able to grab air molecules to use as weapons.

    If Jeff and Gary were ever to test it on camera, I would recommend they fill the room with smoke so that the viewers can easily see what particles they're affecting when they manipulate air molecules. That way instead of moving invisible objects, they're moving large cubes of smoke. If filling the testing area with smoke is a safety hazard, then maybe the device could be altered so that the selected air molecules shimmer or wobble slightly so they can be more easily seen by the naked eye.

    The design of it would depend on it's use. If it was to be used as a strategic device, then I would recommend it to be large and not something that could be easily moved. If it was to be used as a weapon, I would instead recommend it be designed as a "portal gun" type handheld cannon.

    I wish Kapture Weapons the best of luck in the future!
  • Kool Keith
    Some sort of launcher that fires a cable at a target, a small jet-powered drone (attached to the cable) releases from the receiver and the target is dragged to original firing position (or suspended mid-air to hang haplessly). Call it HOOK or something.

    Issues with the engine lead to comical consequences, injuring or maiming the test subject/target.
  • RikVasquez
    Excellent facial capture Oats! It took me a minute to realize CG characters :D
  • AZechariah
    1- When the device hits the body, it turns your blood into an elastic rubber-band-like matter, this matter is almost impossible to cut, but it can stretch, so the blood becomes a WEB connected to every blood cell starting from the grip that's the device, then the grip relaunches itself back to you, pulling behind it, a huge flying net of threads that is essentially 6 liters of coagulated blood, still in the shape of your circulatory system.
    Then you can pour glass on it and use as a souvenir on your office, you know, like a carol embedded in a paperweight. <3

    2- A device that makes you see through the eyes of your enemy, so the enemy will be forced to cover their eyes everywhere except in the battle field, also, they will be having their meetings with bandages over their eyes, eventually the commander will be forced to blind his own soldiers, one by one.
    Also the device gives you an advantage to manipulate their retina, you can make them see whatever you want them to see, ghosts, their dead fellows, ETC, but you wont use it except during their sleep because you wanna drive them crazy. they don't know that you can do that yet.
    Also, using your computer, you can make them exchange sights, make one soldier see through another soldier's eyes.. will be fun to watch from afar.

    3- A device that manipulates the DNA of the target throughout long spans of time, you know that the DNA determines the nature of your cells, DNA is what makes your eyes, your eyes, and not your nose, DNA is the reason you don't have your kidney on your face.
    Now, giving that you can manipulate DNA to such a precise degree, you can start slowly playing with their organs like a puzzle, the DNA is a sequence of codes, if you can control the code you can make your enemy walk down the street with his liver hanging out of his mouth, you can grow hair follicles in his eyes, and few tongues onto his palm, their brains instead of their hearts and vice versa. This is a family friendly forum so lets just stop at that.
  • Hayley
    That's pretty cool with the frozen atoms - kind of reminds me of the laser guns in Ender's Game and how they can freeze parts of the battle suit when fired.
  • beefsweat
    I've always thought projected-energy weapons were pretty neat, maybe some kind of a hardcore microwave weapon like the 'active denial system' that's around today - with non-lethal and (comically) lethal settings. Maybe even some kind of gas-electric weapon like that alien lightning gun from District 9! There's a lot of room for fun stuff with this concept.
  • TeeJay
    How about a robotic fly, that acts as a surveillance drone, and is remotely controlled to fly into the enemy combatants ear, then detonated, causing a 'Scanners' style head explosion?
  • Hayley
    What about a claw arm that picks up victims with different settings? Maybe one freezes the victim, one makes them go boneless, one flings them across the room, Hulk-from-Avengers style. Sounds like it could be funny.
  • Robert Miller
    A drone flys over the target spraying a combination of small flakes of an inert rare element and extremely small radio transmitters. From miles away the soldiers heads-up display hooks into the digital optics on his weapon. He sets up the gun on a hill and zooms in to see the target clearly. Using radio interferometry from the radio transmitters any electrically resistant objects (like humans) and any ferrous materials (guns, vehicles, ammo) are roughly remotely observable. That information overlaid on the heads-up display allows our soldier to designate the specific target. As he fires up the gun magnetically contained columns of plasma are tuned to the resonant frequency of the rare-earth element sprayed over the target. Pulling the trigger, the capacitor bank dumps energy into the columns which cause the phased array on the front of the device to begin remotely electrically vibrating the flakes of rare-earth element in the targeted area only. They energetically decohere into their constituent subatomic particles releasing tremendous energy with only brief, sort-term radiation exposure risk. This destroys the target, high-five.
  • TheGravetenders
    A Shotgun that fires massive amounts of tiny robotic spiders that then burrow and or kill enemies or provide surveillance in a wide area or internally via human neuropaths.
  • skyward
    Okay, here's mine:

    The main weapon is a high-powered laser rifle, which comes bundled with a swarm of micro-drones, each able to deflect the rifle's beam. The laser itself slices/cauterises. The drones are programmed to bounce the laser as many times as it takes to hit the target, meaning you can:

    - fire from poor positions (long distance, behind multiple obstacles/complex path to target)
    - externally hit targets indoors (as long as you can get the laser/drones through a keyhole or other small entry route)
    - bounce the beam multiple times in a small area to create a laser mesh to slice and dice (or a trap to contain targets)
    - use the drones to track and aim the beam on a moving target
    - use the beam to finely burn something at distance
  • The hunter
    Gun shoots the bullets with acid inside. Bullet explode inside victi, acid burn him.
  • LooKitt Productions
    Cyborg Cockroaches that carry mini-explosive devices.
    They can infiltrate virtually anything.. and if the user is feeling particularly nasty, burrow through skin!
  • Spencer Patton
    I have an idea slightly different from many of the comments on this thread.

    I am thinking something more along the route of chemical weapons. While less of a handheld tech, a dissolvable pill that reacts with stomach acid once ingested seems like something these character would make. I'm thinking that the pill once ingested reacts with the stomach acid and increases its intensity, causing the now liquified organs to pour out through the abdominal section. I imagine a sort of acidic steam coming from the eyes, mouth, and stomach. This pill could be much stronger than they expected; maybe they were just hoping that it would cause the subject to throw up and crap themselves simultaneously. This could be for the purpose of disrupting important political events or other similar situations.

    The duo could then get onto an assistant for not feeding the subject before the experiment. That could be the reason for it malfunctioning. The duo could be laughing and saying "dude you were supposed to feed him!"

    -----Just some thoughts on the way that weapon and story might be developed

    Community let me know what you think. Elaborate on maybe some other possible pills or ingested implants.

    I think this series has a good dark humor to it that would surely help the channel get a following!
  • Jeff
    The Electric Lariat: a crowd-control device that shoots out magnetic restraints. The restraints lock on a target area and everyone in it. Once deployed, they seek whatever appendage/body part is most readily available (ankle, wrist, waist, neck?) and bind it. The magnetization pulls them to each other and locks them (restraints and rioters) together. Perhaps it can also detect law enforcement within the target area. The bugs would have to be worked out, of course.

    Brazilian Bikini Wax: A depilatory wax that leaves a combustible residue behind. Activated by remote control. Used for really, really close combat.
  • ybnm79f
    1. Turn some part of body inside out
    2. Shift some part of body to a distance away
    3. In a very short time,what he thought will become true,and exist in his body,therefore his body will burst out.

    the adam is amazing @@
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