• RikVasquez
    And I'm also one of those who picked it.

    Okay this is just my opinion:

    Rakka would be great for an episodic series a la Expanse (feature film quality production values for a tv audience - dvd releases are great too).

    Zygote - short film looks great but needs to show more plotline or story hook along with the monster to sell as feature film concept. Maybe re-cut it? Less dialogue more visual explanation of what's happening.

    The one thing I like very much in Firebase: the Soviet tech. Soviet military tech vs jungle monsters - haven't seen that before. It's like Red Dawn but with spaceships. If Oats can get Sean Penn or Michael J. Fox to cameo or do some character parts that would be awesome! They were in "Casualties Of War" as platoon mates.
  • Hayley
    I'm one of the ones who voted Firebase, too! (I have a love for SF period pieces)

    I feel like Rakka was good, but Firebase was better in its storytelling (no expositional monologue). Zygote scared the crap out of me and was a visual masterpiece what with "jazz hands" and all, but if it were to be made into a film, I'd want to see and understand the full backstory. I don't know, Firebase just felt the most like it could be made into a really awesome feature film, what with the setting (new take on a Vietnam war movie), the characters with their superpowers, and the tech. I know from watching Neill's films that he loves his SF weapons, and Oats could definitely go wild there.
  • Jeandré
    But the 4th short is not our yet, will have to vote again...
  • RikVasquez
    @Jeandre, it's fine whether more polls are coming.

    Maybe Neill really wants to do Zygote first as a feature (he said he was "astonished" by the poll results).

    And he just wants to gauge how popular it is versus the first two (at least amongst his Twitter followers).

    Results were pretty close though.
  • Frankie
    No clear winner. People like all his concepts. That's a compliment. :)
  • TheGravetenders
    Ermey for Firebase Lead Actor..
  • Andrew Koenig
    I loved all three so far but Rakka is my favorite. I thought it had a really great mix of concepts and design and I really want to know more about Amir's abilities and the "angels".
  • John Farmer
    The Alt-Universe stuff in South Carolina was mind blowing.
  • Raiyan Laksamana
    Rakka ! With a twist : that somewhere at the end, there are studies that revealed perhaps the ancient gods and demons, recorded in human oral and written histories, are a part of the same incident. Where people turned into a deity from pain and suffering. But also there are people that turned into a beautiful deity thru love and compassion....
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