• AZechariah
    because don't tell me that turning Zygot into a feature in this contained environment would have cost more than shooting Rakka and Fire Base... also it seemed like you were trying to stuff a huge story into few minutes of dialogue, but it seems like you you didn't want it to be longer intentionally, how is this a funding problem?! you already have everything ready with the main assets in place, the creature, the locations, everything...what would you need more? few supporting characters and more few fight scenes, and a good story.... what stops you from doing something like The Thing?
  • TheGravetenders
    I thought they did a pretty good job setting up for a feature.
  • Frankie

    Exactly my thinking - but they may have been unsure which one to do.
    Now it's easy: Make the Zygote feature. ;)
  • TheGravetenders
    Or just continue to make shorts advancing the story, I'm happy either way..
  • Frankie

    No, you can't sell shorts and they need money. Otherwise they will close soon.
  • TheGravetenders
    Monetized You Tube channels must be making them something..
  • Frankie

    No way. We're talking 2 digit millions.
  • Darth Biomech
    You are severily underestimate the cost of making things. Yeah they got the props and the creature's model. So what? The actors need wage. The operators need wage. The light technicians need wage. The animators need wage. The guy who hands food and drinks around need his wage... You got the idea. For a 20-min film this is one amount of money for an x time spent on filming the whole thing. For 2 hour flick this will be a completely different amount of money and time, and I'm sure that it doesn't even scale up linearly either. They probably could make one of the shorts into the movie... At the expense of the three others. I don't think that this would be a right choice.
  • beefsweat
    To add to darth biomech's post, and not to sound callous of course, but I think people sometimes underestimate how much effort goes into writing a feature-length script versus a short aiming for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • AZechariah
    But they already produced 120 minutes .. so they DO HAVE the money of a feature... also.. 3 shorts is more expensive than 1 feature .. Fire Base wasn't even shot in the US.
  • AZechariah
    but that's not the point here the point is money
  • Natan Vance
    As far as I understood, this is an experiment to see how much backing there is for this kind of works. If there is enough financial support for Vol.1 then there will be a Vol.2 if not then it's end of the line.

  • Ironclad Industries
    pretty much how I understand it, if they get a couple volumes done and are financially sustainable then I assume they'll step it up to feature length films eventually, but right now just one feature length film would completely deplete the budget for the entire "volume", of course I don't know their financials so I don't know for sure, but if I was running it that's what I would be doing
  • Frankie

    I don't expect the Volume 2 can be produced without 3rd party money.
    let's assume Volume 1 had imputed or actual costs in the range of 1 million per episode.
    (only Neill knows and he won't tell).
    I'm expecting revenues of under 1 million thru assets and merchandising.
    What other income source does Oats have?
    So he needs a kickstarter project for Volume 2 resulting in at least 3 millions.
    That's hard to achieve - but I hope for him and I'm convinced he earns it!
  • Jeandré
    Or Oats needs to make a feuture film for another person/company to get some more money ..
  • TheGravetenders
    Option C find a patron of the arts. With a ton of money to invest,
  • DarkRonius
    I honestly think I preferred the split nature. It gave a nice, rounded picture of a potentially interconnected Universe. It also gave much more of a feeling of dystopia combined with a "filmed footage" feel. I would prefer entirely seperate entries for the next volume over expanding any one of these (with the exception of "Bill's Kitchen" and "Kapture" segments, as these act more like a Robocop/MGS4 interlude segment). Otherwise it would mean choosing a favourite to expand on- when honestly, I loved each of the larger features equally.

    ...Saying that though, Firebase was the only one I really, really longed to see more of the conclusion. I really liked how it built the main character, and the potential of that character in the universe.

    TL;DR The volume as a whole acted like a music album, where I enjoyed each individual film but also appreciated how the whole became more than the sum of its parts.
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