• Robert Miller
    Id first like to state for the record, every bit of content Ive seen from Oats is mind-blowingly great. Great stories, great design, great cast, absolutely untouchable effects. Comparing this to Hollywoods efforts recently would be like comparing the aircraft that came after jets to old hot air balloons.
    Forgive the impetuous suggestion, but I see thematic similarities between some of this (admittedly most awesome) Oats content and the little bits of readable English on a website called Forgotten Languages. Its very little english amongst a sea of dead languages, but they are encrypting very very interesting articles into the dead languages and it is worth a look even if only for story ideas and inspiration. The subjects range wildly and for every paragraph about conspiracies of science or inter-dimensional beings landing in Iran there are dozens of articles that are either illegible or very dry and technical. Just a heads up in case you havent heard of it yet, its a mystery Id love to solve, Real or Fake?: Forgottenlanguages.org
    P.S. Charles Dellschau, the Sonora Aero Club, and the early American Airship sightings always seemed like fertile ground for a good believable sci-fi period piece.
    Thankyou for your excellent work
  • Gekido
    To not create a new topic, I'll drop this here. There's a 2004 Korean horror movie called R-Point, which is also set in the Vietnam war era. It's more of a ghost story, but might also give some inspiration for Firebase. Especially in terms of locations, since part of it plays in an abandonded plantage building from the French colonial era.
  • Robert Miller
    Some Brainstorming time if I may. For the remainder of the firebase film there are lots of ways to take the story. That is, I think, the greatest strength of this piece. One could go straight ahead thematically and have a knock down, drag out fight between the two adversaries videogame style. It would be visually fantastic, but the scale of the confrontation would get into cartoonish territory really quickly. It should be mentioned that a logical story would involve the suit being only a momentary bother to the rivergod after which he soundly defeats our protagonist. The rivergod seems too powerful for a guy with '60s era bleeding edge tech to topple easily. After which, maybe his body falls into the water and he is somehow changed/reborn by the force protecting him in battle allowing him to more appropriately counter the abilities of the rivergod. Or maybe the thematic element of fire is brought back and somehow the death of the protaginist is a second immolation, this one being the creation of a martyr rather than a prophet. This death, being of fire would represent his transformation at the hands of a "order out of chaos", "diamond from coal", or "calm in the eye of the storm" themed subdeity similar to the seemingly firey vengance based rivergod. It/he would be a cold centric reverse entropy being possibly designed by the fabric of nature to correct the imbalance. Again, the scale of the actual confrontation would be difficult to depict in an appropriately believable manner. I have yet to completely digest the russian flamethrower jets scene in the context of the story as a whole. Maybe the transit of the young soldier is representative of a powerful being trying to evacuate him from the battle and its efforts being thwarted by placing him in an equally lethal situation. After this he is brought back by the machinations of the rivergod, still on fire. That doesnt work very well with other elements of the story, but Ill keep trying. All of this assumes that what we are shown is reality. Taking this universe inward could result in a film about various types of mind control drugs, psychotronics, and other super-science-y goodies resulting in the honest misperceptions and hallucinations of the soldiers being tested on. Theres a lot of fun to be had from that angle... more later maybe
  • Johann
    Have a look at my post on collaborating on Firebase story beats. You're welcome to add your ideas there or fuse them with some of the others we've come up with...or take them in a different direction. There are some similar ideas about martyrdom, pharmacology etc.

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