• Jeandré
    A lot of times I will be watching a movie and then I feel this person would have been a mutch better choice for a role in another film that was messed up by a bad actor.

    So i keep thinking what if....
    The director will have to spill the beans on what the film is about, or what the actor will be going through. Director choose for example 3 actors who can play the role but the fans/audience vote for the final candidate.. Or even the other way around, fans will give names and the director/casting person will choose from that list.
    1. Fans select actors? (17 votes)
  • Creactivity
    well my deep heart answer is yes, so i voted yes, but the voice of my conscience whispering to me that only director can take this the decision at the end.
  • Ironclad Industries
    I agree, I think it's an awesome idea but in the end the director needs to have the final say
  • Giuseppe Mercadante
    As much as I'd like to give this power to the audience at the end of the day these are decision that have to be made by professionals, doesn't have to be necessarily the director but there is a lot that goes into casting.
  • Jeandré
    Where were the professionals with the casting of Twilight :D
  • The hunter
    Actually the director got A vision of historia movie And he should have lasy word but it's good idea that the fans could suggest.
  • AleksandrFX
    It should be director's choice. However, if the director is in doubt, he or she can use this option "fans select actors", but only if they want to.

    The audience will always have their own perception. Almost in every film audience see themes and find things that are not in the film or at least wasn't intended in this or that way by the creator. The same situation with actors.

    Choosing from scratch - I don't think it's a good idea; suggesting - maybe, but without any expectation; choosing from the options that director picked, but has doubts and needs help - why not.

    Just thinking out loud.
  • ArjayHaitch
    I like the idea but should take it a step further and use it as a vehicle to raise funds for the film.

    You want to vote for another actor? Okay then put your money down on the actor you want to see play this role.

    Maybe even tie this in to how the actor gets paid. Like a winner takes all approach.

    For example let's say there are 3 actors that have a chance. After the time expires only one gets the role. All the money donated for the other 2 actors goes to the winner. Ties could be solved with a 1 hour runoff to see who gets the most. Extending the run off as needed to break the tie.
  • ErichWilliam
    The twilight movies are a billion dollar film franchise, so I dont think anyone in that production meeting thinks they made a mistake.

    A casting directors job isnt to just sit in a room and listen to people read. You have to remember timing, contracts, stipulations, requirements from actors, producers, the directors input, the writers ideas for a character are all a factor, and unless you are at the round table none of us could pick a better actor at that moment. Because at the end of the day you are watching the post product, and in retrospect sure Tom Hardy would have been awesome in Zygote instead of who they had, but that is unrealistic in every aspect.
  • Jeandré
    They had Anna Kendricks vs Steward, bad choice they made in the end, people make mistakes :P

    And i think Dakoto did a much better job than what Tom would have done in Zygote
  • ErichWilliam
    You know Dakota was in the Twilight series right?
  • Jeandré
    Yes i do, but not in the first one. And i am not a fan of Twilight, i just used it as an example..

    But be honest do you feel the 3 main actors did a good job?
  • TheGravetenders
    There are no rules, this is art. Not a business office. One of the problems with Hollywood and movies is the limited selection causing the same tired old actors to roll out every year which killed immersion cause " Oh it's Sam Jackson". I would like to see unknowns and people who would actually appreciate it as art and not a "job". Doesn't matter who does the selecting if the acting is solid.
  • Frankie

    Mmmh - there might be a bit of business involved, when we're talking about $30 million movies which is the range Neill will go. ;)
  • ArjayHaitch
    One point to make. One thing we know about crowd sourcing is that when people have to pay they take it more serious so I think some money has to be involved to make it a serious endeavour. A small barrier, but otherwise the floodgates open and then it becomes futile because voting will be rigged and you won't know who voted or how many fake votes, etc.
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